A portion of our building is in use during these dates. Call, text or submit a form to check for details or get on our waiting list.

These dates are booked and UNAVAILABLE in our building. Please reach out if you'd like to use the building on any date, including these dates as there are several portions of the property and building that are available for use at the same time as other events are ongoing.

Dates that are UNAVAILABLE will be marked “Scottish Rite Use” or will show “Unavailable” when you select your times after picking the space and the date.
All dates NOT listed here are AVAILABLE for rentals and use of the building. Please call today if your date is NOT listed here.
1Complete your Contact Form
Please keep you Event Title the same across any forms and in any communications. EXAMPLES: Grandmothers 60th Birthday, John and Jane's Wedding, Andrew or Anna's Graduation Party, John and Jane's 50th Wedding Anniversary, etc.
If a single day, list that date here and above in the Starting Date field. If multiple days, list the last date here. Building and Rental Areas may be used for other purposes by SR between daily event times.
Needs to be less than 6 hours total for event to pay standard fee. All decorations, materials, trash and guests must be out of the building inside of the hours agreed upon. Additional hours are available when agreed upon in advance.
No landlines allowed.